Ooops, I did it again…

Took a little time off, I mean. Is today really Wednesday? Time flies when you’ve got too much on your plate and you’re already feeling stuffed to the gills. Have some of my blog salad, won’t you?

Hooray! The buyers came back with another offer, meeting me halfway between their original offer and the amount my realtor had countered with. Of course, I took it. Who could ask for anything more? I had a message last night that my realtor would try meet with them today and that I may need to sign contracts tonight. The buyers want to close as soon as possible, by the end of the month even. Since they’re pre-approved for a mortgage that might actually be a possibility. Phew. I’m just so relieved that this is working out. However, I will not really celebrate until the deal actually closes. In the meantime, I will take suggestions… how should I celebrate when the time comes?

Studying is going… slowly. If I really work at it, I could be ready to take the first exam at the end of next week. The second exam will be the tough one.

The puppy pre-school graduation is tonight. Yeah, silly huh? Little Thilde has done pretty well with the exercises in class considering we haven’t worked with her consistently outside of class. That has to change, though, because I do really want a well-behaved doggie.

The puppy is recovering nicely from her surgery, she is bouncing around like nothing happened and hasn’t got a clue that her underside looks like the stitching on a football. Hehehe… she is brown too! We were supposed to keep her quiet for five days. It’s been impossible. One strange phenomenom, perhaps as a result of the surgery, is that she’s been breaking house training. She’s only going outside about 50% of the time now, before it was 100%. It’s puzzling. I’d guess swelling. Since the surgery site is in close proximity to the organs that produce waste maybe it left her (temporarily) unable to control elimination as well she had been. Seems plausible. Still, I’ve never heard of that happening before and the tech at the vet’s office didn’t seem to think it was that. Then again, he might not know either. Anyone ever experience this with a dog?

Lastly, my friend Bombed Empress got a job! She’s very excited and I’m so pleased for her. She could have been very close to being destitute but like a graceful cat she’s landed on her feet, finding nicer and cheaper (read free) accomodations and a good paying job in one fell swoop. B.E. also recently installed comments on her blog on her own, so go give her some congrats all the way around. Oh, and while you’re there, tell her what you think about this. (She was kind enough to send me this link earlier in the week, but not post on her own blog!)

We’re supposed to drink some champagne this evening to celebrate her new job. I definitely need a drink. It would be nice if I had a signed contract in hand then as well.


  1. hey, where are you…i wanna drink….and i’ve deliberately not taken any anti-histamines so i’ll be able to…………….call me!!!!!!

  2. woo-hoo! it’s always such a relief once you’ve closed on it.<br><br>you’re probably right about the puppy problem. swelling may be making it uncomforable for her to hold it until she can get outside…

  3. I clicked on the link, too…<br><br>It’s a good thing I already have my ticket to hell stamped and confirmed, otherwise I’d be upset. It looks REALLY nice, though! I LOVE IT!!!

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