Birthday Blues

After that ‘Blogger sucks public service announcment’, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming. Things have been pretty crazy since last Wednesday. I had an offer on the house I’ve been trying to sell! (More on that in another post.) It was Mel’s birthday. It was Gay Pride weekend. (More on that in another post.)

Believe it or not, Mel never got her birthday spanking. She now claims it’s too late. I beg to differ, and perhaps I’ll tackle that little project this evening. *wicked little grin* Since Mel’s ex, CJ, was visiting from out-of-town, we never got any alone-time on her birthday. CJ had invited herself, “I’m going to stop and see you on my way home from Pennsylvania, to celebrate your birthday.” Great.

In typical lesbian fashion, she and Mel are still best friends. I really do like her, it’s just that I hate it when she stays at our house. Mel feels the same way but just can’t say no to her. Privacy issues aside, one of the biggest reasons we don’t want her here is that she doesn’t behave like a guest. She is just too familiar and acts like she still lives here. (CJ, Mel and Sandy had been my tenants, sharing the place downstairs. Mel and CJ hadn’t been lovers for more than three years at this point, and Mel and I had been together for six months before they moved in. After about nine months CJ and Sandy moved out, basically leaving Mel high and dry. So, she moved upstairs with me. We were at that point anyway. Strange situation, I know.)

The night of Mel’s birthday I was on the phone with my friend (and real estate agent) Donna and mentioned that Mel and CJ were walking the dogs. Donna gasped “Really… aren’t you worried??” I was puzzled and asked why. She asked “What if they’re talking about getting back together or something?” I laughed and told her there wasn’t a chance in hell. Really, I am that secure… hell would freeze over before those two ever got together again. Even now they still fight like crazy, which just blows me away. Anyway, Mel is going to work on saying no to her when she says she wants to crash here next time she’s in town.

Another thing. I had tried to arrange for us to meet up with some of Mel’s friends for a birthday drink, as a surprise. I was hoping that Mel and I would have dinner at this restaurant she likes and that the friends would show up for dessert, coffee and drinks. That got stymied because Mel insisted on cooking her own birthday dinner, and since CJ had shown up the day before the two of them had gone visiting those very people during the day while I was at work. We had a nice evening anyway, and a great dinner. I did end up having to save some of the more, errr, interesting, gifts for Friday.

Oh, and Mel got stung by a bee on the back of her hand while she and CJ were out walking the dogs. At 10:30 at night, which I thought that was pretty strange. Mel was very careful to bring home the bee’s stinger after removing it so that she could look at it with the computer microscope I’d gotten her. It was gross, but cool. She said it hurt pretty bad but she was amazed that there was no swelling. She bragged that there was no swelling.

Bragging was a bad move… [more later]


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