A New Victim Blogger

Please allow me to introduce my friend, Bombed Empress, the Dancing Queen. The Empress is a purposely dislocated Brit who I became friends with when we worked together at a now-failed dot bomb com. The company we worked for had several offices, so a few of us convinced her to relocate to this area from New York City (where she had relocated to from London). Of the ‘few of us’ former co-workers who did the convincing, I’d venture to guess I’m the only one she would call a friend. Most everyone else disappeared once the company closed.

B.E. has been looking for another job in the area because she actually wants to stay in the ‘rust belt.’ Go figure. Since she needed to reduce her living expenses, I rented her el cheapo accomodations last fall. Because B.E.’s been unemployed, she’s had some free time on her hands. Finally, after months of getting several emails a day from her and chatting online almost daily, she drove me crazy I realized she was bored and should be blogging. So, I set her to it.

A raging hetero, single and on the make, B.E. writes about her conquests and near misses, as well as her passion: ballroom dancing. It never occurred to me there could be such intrigue and politics in ballroom dancing…

Go visit her and give her some love by email. (I’m working on getting comments for her… anyone know of any that will work with Blogger that is actually accepting accounts?)


  1. why thank you…..i think!!!! might have to have words with you off-line about that intro….."on the make", huh……i wonder if that’s one of those phrases that changes meaning as it crosses the pond??????

  2. Such a cute house! I can’t believe it is hard to sell. Ship it down here and you’ll make a mint!<br>Hullo Dancer!

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