No Spoilers Here

We went to see that movie that opened today. We thought a 10:45 p.m. show on a Thursday night was a great option. Neither of us have to get up for work tomorrow morning. It’s a week night so it sure wouldn’t be mobbed like it would be on Friday or Saturday night. And it’s a school night so the theater wouldn’t be filled with kids.

We got there and got tickets just before they started seating. I went in and got great seats. Mel got popcorn and soda, then came and found me. Last night we’d watched Episode I on DVD in preparation. We were pretty excited and looking forward to seeing the movie. And then… the fire alarm went off.

The theater was evacuated. The fire department was called. After about half an hour of milling around they still hadn’t let anybody back into the theater. We realized as it got later that even if we got back in and they showed the movie very soon, there was no chance we’d get our good seats back. So we bagged it. We got our money back and we’ll try again tomorrow. The first show is at 10 a.m.

As far as we could tell, there was no fire. Probably it was all because some idiot pulled the alarm. What a bummer.


  1. What a total bummer. Hope the morning showing works out. Popcorn for breakfast is a good food choice at least.

  2. I bought tickets from for Saturday’s 12 PM showing in our area. I’ve been psyched for this one ever since I saw Ep. I. I hope you liked it!<br><br>BTW, check out my blog – I posted some links to reviews, etc., about the movie from others.<br><br>And finally, I found your blog while BlogSnob jumping! I’m getting ready to link to it right now.

  3. I’m assuming that you’ve seen it by now. Like everyone else, I wrote a review after seeing the midnight show on Wednesday/Thursday. Too bad you had to waste your time on Thursday, though.

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