In case you haven’t noticed…

I’m on a short break. Too busy for words at the moment and I can’t keep up with everything. In a day or two I’ll have some time to chill and spill. In the meantime, all you people should take a break too so that it doesn’t take me days to catch up reading your stuff.


  1. I am kind on break, too.<br>Zed will be here in 6 days and I have to remodel my house, revamp my wardrobe, detail my car, figure out how curtains work, landscape my yard and lose 40 pounds by then.

  2. lol Karen…… been there, tried that…. good luck!<br><br>And grey bird… I’m just lovin’ the phrase "chill and spill"… we’ll be waiting here for ya….

  3. April, I hope you’re setting yourself realistic goals, like Karen and the rest of us. Enjoy your chill-time … and pleeeez hurry up and move along to spill-time, won’t you?!

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