Feeling guilty over killing trees

Magazines that come to my house that I don’t read:

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (because I have none)
The Atlantic Monthly
Fast Company (not anymore, I work in education now)
BirdTalk (yeah, mine never shuts up)
The Advocate
Computer Shopper (like I need another one)

The only one I paid for was BirdTalk, that was a deal I got three years ago at a bird show. I won’t be renewing it.

The Advocate was a Christmas gift from two years ago. I doubt my friend renewed it this past Christmas because we haven’t spoken since well before then. For some reason, they keep sending it. And even once they no longer send it, it will be the gift that keeps on giving because I am now on the begging list of every gay organization known to man. That one subscription probably generates more junk solicitation mail than the rest combined.

The rest are freebies I signed up for, foolishly thinking I would read them. Every few months I pile them all up, keep the most recent of each and put the rest in the recycle bin. Pathetic, huh?

*note to self: New mantra “do not renew, do not renew”*


  1. Funny story: About 5-6 years ago at a street festival, the hubby & I donated to HRC. Since then we’ve been on the gay begging list. Then one summer we had to move into the inlaws place for a month between leases. Of course the gay beggers followed us and even sent catalogs there for about a year. And of course, after sometime his name got dropped and only my name came up on the gay mailing labels. hehe…I still wonder what they thought of all that.

  2. amen about the advocate…I got so much junk mail from them, it’s disgusting..thank fully, I let it run out…I also don’t like the advocate much either, but that’s another story..:)

  3. The Advocate is too boy-oriented. They have too many ads for booze and/or HIV drugs. Agreed, HRC are relentless beggars.<br>I subscribe to Vanity Fair and love it except for the 70 loose resub cards they stuff between the pages. That, and some of the flowery perfumed ads give me a headache. <br>

  4. I have the same problem, except with me, I often forget to throw them out, because I think there must be something useful in them.

  5. I used to subscribe to The Nation – a mag I really admire, and the crossword puzzles are the best. After many years of reading it cover to cover and doing the crosswords each week, I got hooked on the stupid internet. I still subscribed for years, thinking that I loved the mag and would somehow make time to read it….. <br>I finally quit. I feel guilty.

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