This blog is listed in the top 50 links being displayed by users. The rank has changed so many times in the last two days that I’m thinking it must be a random listing. Yet, when I hit refresh on the page right now the order doesn’t change. For example, at the moment I am ahead of Davezilla, Instapundit, Rebecca Blood, and omg, Crazy Tracy! *gasp* How can that be? I know that Blogrolling is a relatively new service, but maybe there are more people linking me than I’m aware of. If you’re one of those people, please speak up! And if you haven’t seen, check it out because it’s a much simpler way to maintain your links, letting you avoid messing with your blog template every time you want to link (or delete) someone.


  1. Like I said, I think it must be random because there are such wild changes. Yesterday I was #37, then at some point Tracy was #20 and I was behind. Today I was #20 and ahead again. The strange thing is that the top ten or fifteen don’t seem to change.

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