The One That Got Away

I didn’t follow my own advice about saving your work as I blogged along. A great blog entry that I was having fun writing for the last few hours. I was almost finished. Then, my computer crashed. My words vaporized. Now I am sad and angry at myself. I can’t recreate it, it just won’t be the same or nearly as good. I have run out of juice. Damn it.


  1. Blogger is a moody seahag at times.<br>I have lost literally thousands of words, so I feel your pain.<br>Sometimes I write a blog, e-mail it to myself then try to publish it and it just refuses to accept it, day after day until it’s stale news.<br>

  2. i keep a short cut to a Word document (blooger.doc) on my desktop. if i find myself being rather chatty or typing something i don’t want to type again, etc., i stop and paste what i’ve been typing in blogger into the Word doc and continue typing in Word. that has saved my ass many a time.

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