New Obsession

The other day Elaine had to ask what other “retro-fitted lingerie” the puppy could wear and if there would be pictures. That got me thinking…

Hmmm, we don’t have any other socks that would be large enough to cut up for her. Lingerie… well everything else we have would be too large. Wait, does that mean underwear? Huh? Never mind, don’t go there. Then I realized the puppy has nearly outgrown the sock already and it is still chilly outside, especially at night. Maybe I could make something…. Oh yeah, I don’t sew. I guess I’d better buy something then. I think about local pet stores. We had already looked at Petsmart and didn’t find anything that small. I’m musing. What to do? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: eBay! I know I’m in trouble now, without having even looked. Uh-oh, and the computer is calling my name.

Sure enough, the goods are there. Loads and loads of doggie clothes, carriers, beds, leashes and accessories. Anything you could want or need for your pet. Did you know you can get Old Navy clothes and leashes for your dog? I’m not kidding. Needless to say, two sweaters, a sleeping bag and a combo carrier/bed later, I am (temporarily, I hope) obsessed with eBay. I actually waited until one item was three minutes away from being closed to place my winning bid so that no one would have the time to outbid me. Wheeee! I think I’m pretty much done but there’s still two or three items in my watch list. One is an apparel item that Thilde absolutely must have. If I get it, I’ll post her photo wearing it. I’m sure everyone will love it, but I think my dyke friends will really get a chuckle.

You can begin the eBay intervention by leaving comments. That way, I won’t miss the one-line feedback from the eBay merchants stating what a great customer I am because I’m trigger happy with my wallet.


  1. Yes you can get Old Navy doggie clothes. You can also get them from Coach…and a particularly obsessive friend of ours bought her Corgi a collar from Neiman Marcus. Watch out, Grey Bird. You’re on the slippery slope now.

  2. OK now I know where I am headed next! I love Old Navy anyways, and now for my puppy! Hmmm, off to shop! :-)))) Look out ebay here I come!

  3. EBay is no where for an impressionable young woman to spend her time. Once the packages start coming, your home will be covered in Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap and boxes you can’t throw away. The urge will continue. You will end up living in one of those boxes.<br>Be careful Bird, be very careful.

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