Follow Up (and linky love)

I’ve been trying to get back to the computer these last few days. Busy, busy, busy. I certainly didn’t expect the last post to generate such interest. I guess it really hit a nerve with a few folks. There were a lot of lengthy reponses… I was amazed. Then again, it’s not a light-weight subject.

For the record, I’ve never seriously considered the surgery. Not really. After the little bit of research I did last summer, I knew it wasn’t for me. I doubt I’d ever change my mind unless a doctor recommends it to me as a way to treat another condition. Even then I’ll think twice. For now, I think I’ll work on returning to my health-improvement program of balanced eating and walking.

At some point, right after I posted the piece about weight loss surgery, I was blog surfing and happened across Robin’s Ferocious Things via Xkot. Robin had just started a series of entries on weight issues and what it’s like to be a fat girl:

“My weight does not stop me from making friends, giving a man my phone number, dancing like a fool at a club, wearing a funny fur hat and feather boa in public or from eating a big greasy, hamburger in front of someone. Weight doesn’t stop me from being me and doing the things I want to do.”

Brava, Robin! This sums it up for me too. I refuse to filter myself just because of other people’s perceptions about how fat people should behave. In a later post, she published a photographic history of herself. She’s a beautiful woman.

Then, because of links from Robin, Deborah, Angel and Gina, a bunch of people came visiting. One of them was Erin. Erin plans to have weight loss surgery in May. I wish her the best of luck and plan to follow her progress in her journal. I’m glad she “re-found” me because that led me to her. (I didn’t even know I was lost!)

Thanks to Brooke for recommending FAT!SO? by Marilyn Wann. I’d never heard of it before and it looks like a good book. I’ve added it to my wish list.

Lastly, hugs to Karen, Suzy, Elaine, and especially Nona. Thanks for being there.


  1. Thanks for your very thought-provoking posts on WLS. I started to post a REALLY long comment, but decided it was too long to saddle you with(!), so I posted it (plus more) at my blog. I hope you’ll come visit for more on this topic. 🙂

  2. Robin is my hero…I find myself thinking far too often when I’m out…is my tummy sticking out too much? When you’re as chubby as I am, the tummy is always there. But I can’t stop thinking about it.

  3. it was a great post! thanks! sparked a lot of talk…and the funny thing was that it came up on one of my email lists the next day….:)

  4. Whoa. It really looks like you struck a chord with a lot of people, Bird. Maybe it’s that you sound very reasoned and sane and sage about it all…

  5. Shadow on a Tightrope was written years ago but it has great essays about size issues. Camron Manheim’s Wake Up I’m Fat! was also really good, if you’re still looking for wish list items. <br><br>I say, be yourself, enjoy life, demand equal treatment. I’ve been a size 22; I’ve been a size 4. God knows where it will all end up, and screw anyone who thinks I should control my weight. 🙂

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