Florida Sucks

My sweetie Mel caught Rosie’s show on TV today and told me the story she’d heard about a foster kid who no longer tests positive for HIV, even though he was born with it. Apparently the state of Florida has now decided the kid is adoptable because he’s no longer HIV+ and are actively seeking a permanent home for him. The losers in this situation? Well, the kid of course, but also the couple who have raised him since infancy. These two loving guys foster parents are raising five children, all of whom were born HIV+. Three of the kids are from Florida. Under Florida law they can’t be adopted by the only parents they’ve ever known because those parents are gay.

I can’t start ranting and raving because I’d be here all night… suffice it to say this is the kind of stuff that makes us nuts. I cried when I read the whole story at the Let Him Stay website. Be sure to send a letter to Jeb Bush while you’re there.

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  1. I agree that we should all barrage Jeb Bush with e-mail about Florida’s homophobic attitude toward gay adoptive parents.<br>Bush has done enough to bring shame to that state, it’s time he does something decent for a change.

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