More Sims!

Lassandra gives Katerina a gift to try to win her affectionsI haven’t had too much time for my beloved Sims recently, between freelance jobs, playing Diablo2 with Mel (the characters we play have finally passed the level 50 mark) and messing around with this blog. Apparently, I was sleeping when Maxis announced last month yet another expansion set for The Sims. Check out the sneak preview of The Sims: Vacation posted at GameSpot last week. As if my addiction level isn’t high enough already… now my Sims can go camping, fishing and snowboarding!


  1. Of course my sims are gay! The picture at the right is the couple I play with most of the time. They are far more interesting than those hetero sims that come with the game.

  2. I’ve killed off a few too… it’s really sad. So sad, that I sometimes won’t even save the game so that I don’t lose that sim.

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