Never as Planned

Here’s what I was planning to do this evening: Spend some time blogging; write something more… uh, personal, and a bit longer, than the stuff I’ve posted recently. I have some topics in mind, things to get off my chest. Then I was going to work on catching up on my Quicken entries, in preparation for doing taxes. Taxes can be heinous when you have rental property. I’ve learned through the years that preparation is key. I’m also worried about whether I’ll actually get a W-2 from the now closed dot-com I worked for until last April. I probably won’t, then it’ll be a pain to have to figure out how to produce a substitute to satisfy the IRS. Then I was going to play with my yule present while printing some photos on my photo printer for my family.

Here’s what I’m actually doing: Going to my girlfriend’s workplace with burrito in hand. She phoned and said she hadn’t eaten all day (except for a brownie), didn’t bring food to work and didn’t have any money with her. There’s no dinner at home for me either. So, off I go to the best burrito place on the planet (okay, well at least in this area) with my last $11. Then I remembered I’m supposed to go to a community meeting about the upcoming restoration activities of this building in my neighborhood. They’re supposed to tell us what kind of traffic and activity to expect so the neighborhood isn’t up-in-arms when they make a big, noisy mess this spring. Depending on how late that goes I may get back to my previous list.

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