Using Blogger?

If you are, you’ve certainly noticed that there’s been a few problems lately. The site was hacked and passwords were stolen, the server has been down a few times, and sometimes you can’t login or if you can, you aren’t able to post. I’ve heard people complain about spending a long time writing a fabulous missive only to have it vapor once you push the post button. (Hint: I usually write in a text editor and then copy and paste when I’m ready to post.)

I came across some thoughtful posts on the troubles of Blogger. This post at USS Clueless was commentary on “The Trouble with Blogger” at Ryan Boren’s The bottom line, according to these gentlemen, is that you should evaluate alternatives. And, if you value your writings you should have a backup copy of them locally in case Blogger goes away for good. Then it would no longer be One of the seven wonders of the web.

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  1. I keep evaluating the other tools available, and I keep coming back to Blogger. <br><br>It’s free. I don’t need pricy hosting to use it. I don’t need to take time to hand code or only blog in places where I have an FTP program or a text editor. It doesn’t take up tons of space on my server by making each post its own page.<br><br>And it crashes and it’s buggy. <br><br>If I had blogspot I’d definitely keep copies of everything. On other sites, it really doesn’t matter. <br><br>For now, it’s still my first choice.

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