The truth is…

I miss my “wife.” My girlfriend has been in school full-time this semester and has been super busy. She hasn’t had time to do all the things she normally does and it’s been driving her nuts. See, in real life my girl – with the tough attitude and slightly butch exterior – is a domestic goddess. Really. She likes to cook, clean, do yard work, and just about any type of physical labor that involves heroic effort. [“Honey, I cleaned the garage, trimmed the bushes and turned the soil in the flower bed. Now I’m gonna roast a chicken for dinner.”] And she loves Martha Stewart. If I had a dime for everytime I’ve come home from work and heard the words “Guess what Martha did/said today?” I’d have some seriou$ change.

This is a woman who cares for me in every way. She makes my coffee and breakfast, packs my lunch for work, cares for the animals, makes the bed(!), cleans the house and often leaves dinner for me on the counter before going off to her part-time 2nd shift job. Yeah… I know, wow! At first, it was really tough for me to get used to having someone care for me in that way. I’ve been strong and independent my entire life, and I have a great sense of fairness and like to do my part. In truth, I don’t actually like housework but it makes me feel weird and lazy to have her do everything. I want to reciprocate and take care of her too, but most of the time she won’t let me when I try. I actually have to sneak in cleaning when she’s not around! Like cleaning the kitchen while she’s at work. If she knows I’m going to do it she doesn’t want me to, so I just don’t tell her. She makes it very easy for me to be lazy and I have to watch that.

So she hasn’t had the time for her regular domestic endeavors, the other things she enjoys, or me. School (more on that subject another time) has sucked away her time, energy and happiness. I miss her.


  1. As a matter of fact, she does have a sister who would be age suitable for you… hehehee. The sister is a professional baker and loves high adventure. If you said "let’s take a week-long canoe trip" she’d be up for it and not think twice. She is, reportedly, quite a dynamo and loads of fun. But, she is a JW and therefore, not a lesbian.

  2. My ex is now with a woman who was a JW and therefore not a lesbian but slept with women all her adult life. 😉 Now she is a lesbian and therefore not a JW. Maybe she’s handing out Watchtowers behind my ex’s back, I don’t know.

    I have a domestic girlfriend, too. I can’t stop her. She says she loves it. Me, I hate to cook [rather go hungry], hate to clean [rather give someone my last dollar to do it], barely tolerate laundry …

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