Home Sweet Home

Even just a few days away and I miss my girl and my house. I came back last night and everything was clean and tidy, smelling nice. Then I come in and make a mess!

Tenants called twice this week to say their bathroom ceiling appears to be water damaged and is getting worse. Rob comes by and has to rip down that part of the ceiling to learn that my toilet in the bathroom above is leaking. Oh geez, more repairs, more $$$! The leak got fixed but now he has to wait until the ceiling below dries out to fix that. At least it didn’t take long, so then we went out to lunch.

After lunch my girlfriend and I went down to the music store so that I could buy her a Yule present – an amplifier she’d been eyeing for months. Of course they’d sold it. Damn. I asked her if there was another one she wanted. No, there wasn’t. I asked the clerk if they would be getting any more, he said not for a month. So I guess we wait unless she decides on something else.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to troubleshoot the problem with my freelance job. What makes it especially hard is that I’m not able to reproduce the error that everyone else seems to be having. Everything works fine on my machine. So, the damn thing was always broken and I never knew it… aarrgghh.

We’re off now, to finish Christmas shopping for my brothers and hopefully, to go see Lord of the Rings. Then again, we may end up at a party… that’s if my girlfriend decides she is not too annoyed with her friend for waiting until this afternoon to issue the invitation. More on that later.

Happy Solstice, Happy Yule!


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