Looks like this is gonna be a late night deal. Here it is, after midnight, and I’m wide awake. My girlfriend is in bed, asleep, with the TV on and has been for over an hour. I’m suprised she made it to 10:30 tonight. Last night it was 9:30. Of course, she gets up at 6am, and I barely drag myself out by 9ish, not usually getting to work until almost 10am. Good thing I have a boss that believes in flexible hours and “just get the work done” philosphy. Of course, it helps that his office is in a different building than mine! I’ve always been a night owl… I just don’t want the day to end. I can be dead tired, but I always want to keep goofing off – surfing, game playing, even pretending to work on freelance jobs. Of course, nothing really productive happens after 11pm and my gf takes every opportunity to point this out. It has nothing to do with her either, glad she finally figured that out. Old habits die hard I guess. I think the late night life really solidified when I was a bartender in my 20’s. But if I think back far enough I can remember reading under the covers with a flashlight when I was grammar school. Bedtime never was in my vocabulary.

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  1. I know how you feel. I am a night owl too and always have been. I’m finally getting Dianna a bit more into my habit of late night reading or movie watching, and then sleeping in the morning. It’s definitely a good thing, cause now we have extra time together :o)

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