Work Is 4 Letter Word

Today, a group of us were scheduled to attend a webinar on using social networking sites to recruit students. A co-worker who is typically in the some people are alive only because it’s illegal to kill them category had registered for it and invited the rest of us. She’d booked meeting space and reserved a… Continue reading Work Is 4 Letter Word

At a Conference

I’m at a professional conference in Rochester, NY this week. It’s close enough to home that I’ve gotten to meet and network with some local peers already, as well as lots of folks from other locales. Lots of good info, my head is about to explode. Actually, since they’ve overfed us at every turn, the… Continue reading At a Conference

Know It All

Working in academia is a new experience for me, I’ve been at the job about 4 months now. Because I’m the only person in my job function, I have a pretty extensive project list. This list gets reported to my boss regularly, but there are a number of other people that think they know what… Continue reading Know It All

Hell Job

One of my clients had a meltdown today, her website wasn’t working and she had just dropped a 12K piece mailer to her clients last Friday. I spent hours on my cell phone and online (at additional hourly charges) trying to resolve the problem from Michigan. One call consisted of 45 minutes on hold to… Continue reading Hell Job