Sweet Upgrade

Last night I downloaded WordPress 2.1, unzipped it and got ready to upload it and do the upgrade. Wait! Why was I doing this the hard way? I logged into my control panel to see if my hosting company already had the upgrade available. Woohoo! One click automatic, baby. No mistakes. Gotta love that. One… Continue reading Sweet Upgrade

Merry Xmas to Us

Last week, we bought the most amazing gadget for ourselves: The HoMedics SBM-300 Therapist Select Shiatsu Plus Massaging Cushion. It rocks. Or rather, rolls. It has width adjustable rollers that travel the length of your spine. It also has a heavenly shiatsu kneading action that you can stop in place for spot massaging in one… Continue reading Merry Xmas to Us


I missed taping episode 6 of Six Feet Under on Wednesday. I’ve been faithfully taping since HBO started repeating the first season. A couple of my friends that don’t have HBO want to watch it, and I wanted a copy for myself anyway. I knew I could tape it tonight at 10pm because it repeats… Continue reading Annoyed