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Mel invited her friend CJ over to have some of the fantastic chocolate cake she’d made for my birthday. I’m sitting on the couch surfing blogs and they’re at the table chatting. Mel says to CJ: So, Lazydog and I are adopting… This got my attention immediately. Yeah, she says, we’re going to name the […]

Get All Your Ducks in a Row

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Five years ago at gay pride, Mel and I met two local women who were walking around handing out stickers promoting their new business called Rainbow Law. We spent some time chatting with them, mostly about the fact that we had the same dog (Miniature Pinscher -they had 2, we have one) and bird (African […]

So, yeah…

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I have MS. The doctor I saw last month called about two weeks ago to let me know that the inconclusive MRI had been reviewed by a radiologist who determined the films showed a positive-for-MS result. I was told to go ahead with the additional tests that had already been scheduled so that the specialist […]