Happy Birthday to Me

I meant to write this post yesterday, when it was actually my birthday but I was too busy losing money at the casino. 🙁

Mel had to work so I went to the casino with a friend. We had a nice dinner there and spent a few hours playing slots. My friend won about the same amount I lost so I don’t feel too bad. I’ll just pretend I gave the money to her.

I got some nice gifts. My brother and sister-in-law sent Bobby Flay’s Grilling For Life: 75 Healthier Ideas for Big Flavor from the Fire. My mother sent a nice pair of earrings. Mel got me a book called Labyrinth, the new Tragically Hip CD (World Container) and a gorgeous hummingbird feeder.

Tonight my dad and step-mother are coming over for dinner. (The step-mother’s birthday is tomorrow.) Mel has spent all day cooking a feast for us. On the menu:

  • asparagus-gruyere tart for an appetizer
  • roast leg of lamb (all done up with rosemary and herbs)
  • roasted new potatoes
  • green peas with pearl onions
  • homemade chocolate cake

It should be awesome!


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