Is it just me…

Or does anyone else think Ellen Degeneres is being ridiculous?

Now, I haven’t followed this whole incident too closely but from what I can tell, Ellen fucked up. The woman SIGNED a CONTRACT that said, if for whatever reason, the dog adoption did not work out that the dog should be returned to the rescue organization.

This is for the protection of the dog. Mel and I signed a similar contract when we adopted Molly. Basically it says you can’t give the dog you adopt from a rescue organization away and it has to be returned to them. Otherwise, they have no control over where it ends up which defeats the purpose of the rescue to begin with. Think about it. Typically, dogs that are rescued have issues and if the adopter passes the dog on to someone else who isn’t fully prepared to deal with that they may give the dog away again or take it to a shelter. So the dog ends up right where it started and is not any better off.

Did Ellen really need to make this public? Does she think the rescue organization will bend to her pleas because she’s a public figure and people will take her side? Or maybe, as Mel suggested, the blubbering baby routine was nothing more than a publicity stunt anyway.

Bah, pffft. We’ve lost a bit of respect for her over this silliness.


  1. Oh I agree with you 100% except for the stunt part, I think Ellen is just a naive idealist and thought she was was doing the right thing. And thought she could get her way. That said, her show is taped, not live, so she should have known better and waited to pull her shit together before taping.

    She (or Portia actually) signed a contract. End of story. The rescue agency however probably should have just vetted the family first instead of taking the dog away. Even so, they did what they thought was right for the dog.

    The sad part here is not the dog, but the kids. As I mentioned to the Missus the other night, those kids would have gotten over the loss in about a week. That’s what kids do. But with all the hoopla, they’ll remember this for the rest of their lives…

  2. Thank you — I completely agree. It’s ridiculous and I’ve lost any modicum of respect I had for Ellen on this crap.

    Of all the issues and shit she chose to get emotional over and go public with, I can’t believe this is what we ended up with.

    Just because she’s a celebrity and the doggie is cute doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply in this case. Anyone who’s adopted a pet from a shelter knows you can’t just give the animal away if you choose not to keep it.

    Thanks for finally taking a stand, Ellen.

  3. I’m with :D, CLD, and MJ. It’s sad to see celebrities use their powers for anything but good or awesome, and this was anything but.

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