No more, please!

I am finally done Xmas shopping. It was getting to be a madhouse out there. I got the last few items at the liquor store today. This liquor super store also has a separate-but-connected gourmet foods store. They actually have to hire a half-dozen guys to man the parking lot and direct drivers. If they didn’t, it would be seriously dangerous to go there.

While I was Florida earlier this week, mom and I ran around and shopped. She will take my brother, his wife and the baby their gifts so I don’t have to pay to ship them. In return for transporting my gifts mom made me wrap all of hers as well… so fun! Now I just have to wrap all the gifts for my dad, step-mom and younger brothers.

Mel and I just got each other these. Because we’re geeks like that. Oh, and I got her a botttle of her favorite scotch and she got me some socks because all of mine have holes in them.

Last night we went to a Yule party hosted by a friend. The array of goodies, cookies and candies was staggering. We rolled ourselves out of there around midnight. It was way more sugar than either of us normally eat so we both had heartburn last night. Bleh.

So, I’ve reached the saturation point with shopping, shiny paper and sugar already. How about you?