I’m feeling it…

I’ll be 41 on Friday. I’ve been thinking that it’s time to cut my hair off. I’ve have had long hair for about 15 years now. I shed everywhere, a lot. And I’m starting to really notice the gray. Plus, the long hair is starting to not fit my age. I need to take the plunge and have been considering a somewhat spikey, dyke-y short, short cut. I just need to convince myself that I won’t look like a chipmunk.

Speaking of not fitting my age… I’ve discovered that I can still buy underwear, socks and some jeans at Lane Bryant but that’s it. Everything else is just scary — capris, baby doll tops, flared pants, mini-skirts, etc. — all looking like pseudo 60’s and 70’s fashion. And rayon and satin are back! Aside from the aforementioned necessities, there wasn’t a damned thing in the store that I didn’t either laugh at or want to run from, or both. It occured to me that the clothes were too juvenile for me, and therefore, I must be old. So please, tell me, where do I find conservative, classic and casual, 40’s +, dyke-like clothes, in larger sizes? I mean, aside from the khakis and polos I can order from Land’s End?


  1. Eddie Bauer has what you’ll need.
    And just take the plunge and cut that hair- it’s liberating. Also, a little color will make you feel more youthful.
    Go for it!

  2. You are spot-on re: the clothing this year. And Lane Bryant hasn’t cornered the market. I"ve been to Fashion Bug and Cato and JCPenney and Belk and NONE of them seem to have anything flattering. It’s all that too bright, too 70’s, too fake looking to be a cloth stuff. Bleck!

  3. Cherokee brand clothing at Target stores. Well made, classic and inexpensive. My sister wears all their stuff.

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