Welcome to my weight loss blog.

Well, I was damned close to 50 pounds. Ok, 48 to be exact. But then pie happened. Four pies to be exact. Though, I’m probably only really responsible for eating (just less than) one of the four.

See, Mel wanted me to make a concord grape pie for a Mabon celebration we were attending. I bought too many grapes at the farmers market. The first two pies were too sweet and too lemony. (Why the recipe called for grated lemon rind, I have no idea.) Anyway, one got consumed at the party and the other I later took to work and gave away. But I still had more grapes and wasn’t satisfied with the job I’d done, so the next day I made two more. Skipped the lemon rind and cut the sugar in half. Have I mentioned that sugar is evil?

The second two were MUCH better and I was satisfied. Everyone that got to share said they were spectacular.

So, now I’m at 46 pounds. And I’m sure the pie didn’t cause that big a fluctuation anyway. My scale is a shitty (pink!) 1950’s spring-load, difficult to read and I’ve had that “hormonal issue” that plagues women regularly. I may yet make 50 by October 26th…

(switching gears)

Two incredibly compelling things I’ve read this week that contain reasons not to re-elect the Resident:

Karen posted the article published in Bush’s home town newspaper that endorses John Kerry.

Karen’s buddy Blue Lemur posted a private letter written by a Wall Street Journal reporter that details conditions in Iraq.

And two funny things:

True Majority sent me the parrot movie today.

Karen also posted a link to Boxed Bush – a series of very funny holiday greeting cards. Personally, I love the “Oh come let us abhor him” card and would absolutely purchase and send these cards every additional year we have to endure him in office (God forbid he should be re-elected) until the “ass” is assassinated.

I’m sure my brother will tell me I’m disrespecting the ‘Resident when I send him these articles and funnies. Pffft, who can respect a LIAR?

I’ve just learned I’m to be an aunt. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is a liberal Democrat, and cool too.


  1. Pies are dangerous but ohhh sooo goood. My grandmother used to make what we called a calf slobber pie that was the best on the planet. She called it that because meringue looks like calf slobber but in actuality it was simply a chocolate meringue pie.

    Congratulations on your impending auntiehood, Bird!

  2. Bird- that weight loss is amazing! Congratulations! Don’t sweat the pie binge, it happens to the best of us.
    Keep the sour grapes though, Barcodie will be needing a pie come November. In the face.

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