I have a new nickname…

Mel now calls me “Boo-boo” because it seems I am always hurting myself. I’m a big, tall, klutz so I’ve had my share of mishaps. I’m the kind of person who can walk down the street and fall down for no apparent reason. Ooops, there I go! Actually, I think I once wrote about walking out my front door and falling down. I never even got as far as the street.

This most recent mishap involved my big toe. As I was striding towards the couch, I stepped on the power supply for my laptop which was on the floor. My momentum and it’s slippery surface caused my foot to slide back off it, catching the toenail of my big toe on the square edge of it. Hard enough to lift part of the toenail from the toe. It bled.

Did you cringe? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you — It fucking hurt.


  1. I’m rather a clutz myself and I’m feeling faintly nauseated reading that. I’ve bent (yes, bent! so they’re "L" shaped!) back my fingernails more times than I can recall.

  2. Idiot!!!!!

    I’m prone to wacking my toe on the chair…..hurts……! Last night I managed to scratch my arm a little too much…got a 2" gash down the side now….guess I should cut my nails?

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