Was the SuperBowl really only last weekend?

Seems like it’s been longer much long than that… I didn’t watch it and I can’t even remember who won. But, Janet Jackson’s boob has been in the news every day this week. On the web, in print, on TV. Hell, I even passed by commentary analysis on MSNBC while flipping channels. Like we don’t have anything better to talk about? I think we’ve had our fill, don’t you? Let’s just move on to dessert.

via Byzantium’s Shores


  1. K, what I don’t *get* is that NOT ONE PERSON whose been blabbing about the boob on tv has mentioned that this is an example of a sexual assault- albeit simulated. Janet took responsibility, was shunned YET the Justin dude who actually *did* it, got by with a "wardrobe malfunction" (anyone hear Bill Maher’s song- OMG!) and won some grammys afterwards. If she walked out naked, no harm done. But when some guy rips her clothes off, why is she to blame?

  2. Oh Grey Bird, since we were talking about the weather in comments not long ago…we have an 80% chance of snow tonight…it’s sleeting now and our office is closing. Snow day in Austin, TX! You guys up north must be laughing your asses off at us.

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