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Moving On?

Thanks for all the condolences… it meant a lot. It’s been a sad week. Mel especially is having a rough time — Whiskey was her best friend and constant companion for the last 11 years. On top of that, this was her 4th loss in the last nine months. A friend, her nephew (more like a brother since she grew up with him and his siblings) and her dad all died last year. I’ve woken up to her crying this week. I feel so badly for her and try to comfort her, but I know only time will fix this.

Next week we will get the dog’s ashes back. At some point, we’ll have a gathering of Mel’s friends and former roomies — people who loved Whiskey as much as we did — and Mel will give a eulogy she writes before we scatter the ashes in a nearby park. It will be a good thing to do.

In the meantime, we are spoiling the others rotten. Today we spent $20 on squeaky toys for the two little dogs. They just love them and our house is constantly littered with these little stuffed toys. Molly is especially vicious — first she kills the squeaker itself and then disembowls the toy. Peeking around the laptop screen, I can see squeaker from the brand new bunny on the floor all chewed up and its polyester fiberfill guts are all over the place. The bunny is looking pretty sad.

I can also see that the little brown bear has a new asshole, a Dr. Seuss Thing2 has been given a lobotomy and the green xmas moose has no feet. No fun in my house if you’re a stuffed toy. They look sorta how we feel.

Thilde wearing yellow ducky pjs with new yellow bunny. Note postal bin in background filled with toys!

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