Online Gaming Update

Earlier this month Deborah posted about a new online game called There so I went to check it out. I thought it looked cool, so I applied to be a beta tester. I got an email acceptance today. Woohoo!

I once also considered checking out Second Life, but that ended up being $15 a month after the beta. Way too much for an online game in my opinion.

Not long ago, Jael asked if I was still playing The Sims Online (TSO). She used to play with me but quit a long time ago. I’m still playing, but not nearly as much as I used to. I still play every Wednesday night, hosting a dance party at my property, the Rainbow Cafe. It’s still a pretty popular place to hang out. I also formed a neighborhood community called Sappho’s Garden in the city of Blazing Falls. We’ve got the largest lesbian population of any of the TSO cities. As a result, there’s been a near constant influx of women since and available property the island where we’re located is scarce.

The game has pretty much run its course with me though. It’s become boring. Actually, it’s been boring for a long time. Maxis can’t keep up with the development required to keep TSO fresh and exciting; new features just aren’t forthcoming the way they should be. The only thing that’s kept me playing is some of the great people I’ve met, but that’s dwindling too. It’s been really slow over the summer and more and more people seem to be quitting altogether.

So, I’m gonna check out something new. If I like it, I may switch – IF the price is reasonable. If not, I may cancel TSO anyway. At $9.95 a month it’s not really worth it for the amount I’m playing.


  1. i’m jealous. can’t play until i get a new computer. in fact, looking at games this last weekend (at FutureShop), there’s not much of the new stuff i can play until i get a new computer.<br><br>*sulk*

  2. so far i’ve avoided TSO. i guess so much of that game is in my head, that i don’t want other people in there invading my brainspace 🙂

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