Lift Up Your Voice, Be Not Afraid

That’s a line from a song we’re singing in the womens chorus I’ve joined. Apt for me, because I tend to sing quietly… I’m afraid I sound bad most of the time. That would be the ‘I only sing in the car with the windows up and the radio full blast’ kind of bad.

My residual skills from piano lessons, chorus and concert choir participation as a child and young teenager are pretty poor. I was never very good then either and it’s been years since I’ve had a musical pursuit. At this point, I read music only a little and remember a small amount of music theory. It’s fun though. I’m better when I’ve learned a song and am surrounded by strong singers. When that happens and we sing well together, I’m really aware of why I’m there.

It’s a spirtual outlet for me. There’s something so powerful about a group of women singing together that I get a high from it. It feels so good that I’ve decided I don’t have to be good at it in the way that I need to be good at everything else I do. Tonight was only the third practice so I’ll get better later. Or not. I don’t really care.


  1. How fun! That’s one of those things that I enjoy doing, but I may suck at more than I think I do. I sang in choir in high school and love love loved it. Good for you for going out and doing it. 🙂

  2. I miss singing in the choir… they do have a gay chorus here in Orlando, but it seems to be kind of clique-ish.<br><br>Plus, sometimes the women in the gay chorus have to wear hideous costumes… I refuse to do that. Especially in a damn gay chorus. 🙂

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