Rain, Rain Go Away

The party was postponed because the weather was crap. I have 16 lbs. of snow crab legs in the chest freezer in my basement. Heh. At least there was room. Instead, eight of us gathered for dinner at downtown creole restaurant and brewery called Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse. The beer was uninspired but the food was really good, if pricey – the tab was $260. Good thing we all went dutch. Mel said she’d have been just as happy with McDonald’s. Not.

I’m on vacation this week. Not doing anything, just hanging out. Stupid really, because the weather sucks. I could have changed my vacation dates easily. It doesn’t matter though because I have a ‘to do’ list a mile long.

Progress on my closet project has been slow but steady. I am pretty much finished… a sock drawer and a half-dozen suits (from my ‘corporate’ days) left to look at and that’s it. A friend already picked through the discards and took a bag of clothes, but I still have four large garbage bags of stuff for charity as well as a closet worth of stuff to try to sell. Half the shoes, 14 pairs, are also bagged to go. The coat closet is half-empty so the wife can put her coats in there now. Both my summer and winter clothes now fit into one closet and two dressers with room to spare.

Aside from finishing that project, I need to fix my mom’s laptop. She left it here a while ago with instructions for me to fix it before she comes back from Hawaii. I have until Sunday. I also need to format, post and send out the monthly newsletter for that avian organization I belong to. Study for an online class I am taking. The list goes on…