Ummmm, yeah

Excerpt from an email from a co-worker:

I fancy old fashioned quill pens with ink wells, seals/ring seals, and parchment paper (that’s from my history background), so I put a quill pen and ink well at the top of each of those pages as the office ‘symbol.’ If you have a better one or a picture with a quill pen, ink well and parchment paper, feel free to use it. Once all the basic web pages are up, we can work on ‘soothing background colors,’ some ‘non-overpowering’ sounds (typing, quill pen scratching, etc.) and tasteful animation.

I never told her she would have ‘design’ input when I met with her.


  1. No, Chari, she’s talking about an _addition_ an already existing website. We’re adding information about her office to the main site for the school I work at, which already has a design employed by a series of templates.<br><br>I thought her request was a joke when I first read it.

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