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Now I Really Know

A test I took at The Political Compass describes me as:

Economic Left/Right: -5.25
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.38

With Left and Libertarian as the negative numbers in a scale that ranges from -10 to +10. I pinched this link from the Spacemonk, who wrote based on this i am like gandhi, but with with a tilt towards anarchism. My score indicates I AM Ghandhi.

8 thoughts on “Now I Really Know

  1. IT"S A RIGHT WING CONSPIR…<br>no, wait a minute – it’s merely that the left side of the numberline, tradionally are negative numbers – never mind<br>;-)<br><br>mind if i link to you greybird?

  2. -3.88/-4.26 but wouldnt get too excited….it appears to be a UK political site…..the lefties over there are more right wing than the righties…..which takes me back to the damn war again……think i’ll just go to bed!

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