Now I Really Know

A test I took at The Political Compass describes me as:

Economic Left/Right: -5.25
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.38

With Left and Libertarian as the negative numbers in a scale that ranges from -10 to +10. I pinched this link from the Spacemonk, who wrote based on this i am like gandhi, but with with a tilt towards anarchism. My score indicates I AM Ghandhi.


  1. IT"S A RIGHT WING CONSPIR…<br>no, wait a minute – it’s merely that the left side of the numberline, tradionally are negative numbers – never mind<br>;-)<br><br>mind if i link to you greybird?

  2. I’m at -4.75 and -4.21.<br>By the time this mess is over left will be right and the right will be ousted from office.

  3. -3.88/-4.26 but wouldnt get too excited….it appears to be a UK political site…..the lefties over there are more right wing than the righties…..which takes me back to the damn war again……think i’ll just go to bed!

  4. I’m well past Gandhi, chari:<br><br>Economic Left/Right: -8.38<BR><br>Authoritarian/Libertarian: -7.64<br>

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