Out of Town

Back on Thursday. Will probably finally tell my 80 year old great aunt that Mel is more than just my roomate. It’s time… it’s been four years now. She knows anyway. During our last phone conversation when I was explaining that the timing of my visit would revolve around Mel’s work schedule so that someone would be home to take care of the dogs, my aunt remarked how nice it was that she looks after my animals for me when I go away.

Then she said, “well, she’s family now isn’t she?”

“Yep” I responded.

“That’s good. I like her, she’s a nice kid… Hey, maybe we can go out and find some of that marzipan candy she likes while you’re here. I’d like to send back a little Christmas gift with you for her.”

Something tells me this isn’t gonna be so hard.


  1. I think geriatric people are a lot more easy going about accepting people for who they are.<br>My mother is 90 and totally blase about the gay thing.<br>When my sister outed me to her about 15 years ago, Mom said, "You just figured that out?"<br>I am sure your Aunt Mel will roll with it.

  2. I think Karen is right. In general, older people seem to have more perspective on what is important in life. They often know love knows know boundries.

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