Party Follow-up

The party was a success and we had a great time until the wee hours. Altogether about 30 people showed up, but fortunately not all at the same time. The costumes were fabulous! We had Mimi (from Drew Carey), an Enron exec (hard to describe this one), Disney’s Evil Queen from Snow White (my mom, it was awesome), Zorro, a bumblebee, Mr. Hyde, various witches and wizards, a mental patient, an 80’s punk rocker, a dyke in drag (usually a drag king, this time dressed as a woman) and other assorted costumes.

We still haven’t cleaned up everything. The lights, streamers and balloons in the garage still have to come down. The pumpkins need to be discarded and the decorations need to be boxed up. Typically, there was far too much food and candy and we are still trying to get rid of the rest of it. Geez, it doesn’t sound like we did anything but have already cleaned up quite a bit.

We did not decorate the front of the house and I’m glad because the kids that came to the door this year sucked. Seriously, and I’m not talking about costumes either. We were trying to finish setup in the garage for the party while my tenant passed out candy. Periodically, I’d go up front and check things out. Within the first half-hour of trick-or-treating a pumpkin-smashing was attempted, there were baggies of popcorn strewn in my yard along with a bunch of candy, plastic keyrings and other garbage, and people had walked through my side yard flower beds. Since my tenant was just opening the door when the bell rang, there was no one actually watching the yard. This year’s experience made me realize that someone has to physically be out there to watch people as they come into and leave the yard. It seems traffic control on Halloween is definitely required.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some photos this weekend.


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