Wherein I Bitch Some More

Okay, here I am. I figured it wouldn’t be too long before the natives got really restless… If you wish to avoid more of the same, please move along. 😉

Truthfully, I’ve avoided posting. Mostly because it would be more of the same shit. Not only did I not feel like writing it, I didn’t really want to bore the few remaining readers I do have to death either. I feel like a broken record going on about much I’m working, how the puppy is and how tired I am. Really, not much has changed in my situation since the last time I posted, except that the puppy is completely fine now. And thank the gods for that.

I had a conversation with Karen earlier in the week about quitting. Yes, about quitting blogging. She begged me not to and I know the rest of you will too. It’s not that I really want to but I do feel I’ve run out of things to say for the moment. Sometime not too long after I started blogging I got it into my head that once I’d been blogging a year that I would register a domain, install Moveable Type or something similar and ditch Blogger and Blogspot. Doing that would mean that blogging would be with me to stay, because I’d lasted a year.

That one year mark and the decision is fast approaching. I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ve appreciated very much the offers I’ve had to host this blog on someone else’s space. Thank you to those people, you know who you are. The main reason I haven’t accepted is because I’m very much an independent and feel as if I should do it myself. I do web development for a living and find it silly that I haven’t even done a personal site (including the blog). Of course, the last thing you want to do at home is what you’ve been doing all day, but still. Never mind I do it at home already because of the freelance projects, but still… So, it’s on my list.

Real life responsibilities like work, home maintenance and pets, as well as nuturing and maintaining a marriage and family relationships, should come first. I’ll be the first to admit they don’t. Let me tell you, Mel is a saint. I mentioned quitting blogging to her too and she said “Why? You love it.” She puts up with my work and hobbies, often at the expense of time she should have from me. I don’t want to wait to find out how long she’ll continue to do it.

My toying with quitting is really less about the one year mark than it is about wanting to do other things I don’t have time for. Writing (and developing a personal/blog site in the process), reading (and reading blogs!), genealogy research, board gaming, computer gaming and photography, along with a few other activities, are all things that I love to do. But, I can’t do them all. Interests in hobbies tend to go in waves for me. I’ve always ended up putting stuff on the back burner while I get entrenched in, and intense about, other things.

Recently, when I haven’t been working or blogging, I’ve been doing a lot of computer gaming. (The Sims Online playtest has been eating my ass this week, I am so thoroughly addicted.) In the meantime, I want desperately to go back my genealogy research and process the information I picked up on my trip this summer. I also used play board games regularly with a group of people. I really miss doing that so I’ve started to look for folks to get together another group. At least that activity is face to face with my wife and other people, and keeps me from sitting in front of the computer.

I suspect being independently wealthy and not working a day job would not help. I simply want to to do too much. It pisses me off that I am not superwoman. It pisses me off that there aren’t more hours in the day.

I haven’t even mentioned that I need to pay bills and catch up on my finances. That I still haven’t written thank you letters and printed pictures to send to my vacation hosts. That I need to go through three closets and unload a ton of clothes, coats and shoes. That we’re planning for a Halloween party (and that my house is one of the most popular trick-or-treat spots in the ‘hood). That I’ve been out looking for another vehicle because I want (and will probably need) something else sitting in my driveway by the middle of December. That I still have more work on this most recent freelance project and that I need to update several other sites I maintain for family and an organization I belong to.

There, aren’t you tired now too?


  1. I just sat here nodding while reading your post and totally agree with all your thoughts. Just yesterday I said to my girl that I truly wonder how people manage relationship, work, kids, pets, household, and still blog every day. There couldn’t possibly be any time for yourself left (i.e. gaming).<br><br>I also agree with Emperor Norton… put the blog somewhere in the back of your mind and post when it comes to you, not when you feel you have to. Only please don’t quit for good though.

  2. Sometimes fields of the mind have to lay fallow. It’s fine if you play games and do other things while you search for a meaningful topic. That happens to all writers. Keep the faith. This is just writers’ block or writers’ search: things will suggest themselves if you wait for them.

  3. i am sure most of us, as has already been mentioned, can agree with all the variables you listed…i am not yet near the year anniversary on my own blog, but i have had the realization that my blog, for me, is cheap therapy…last week after not blogging for a week, i also realized it is necessary…<br><br>at one point i felt i was blogging for an audience, but i have now consciously focused back to blogging for me…you are on my list of daily reads because you say what you need to in a well-spoken manner and i find some entertainment value in it…<br><br>daily reads is something i have limited because it can easily get out of control…but i still surf the ring oonce a week or so and everynow and then find someone new to add…hope to see you well past your anniversary…

  4. Hey Greybird,<br>You know, I had about six weeks this summer during which everything seemed to pile up and I started freaking out about my time and my commitments. But then it passed. Sometimes, these "busyness" issues resolve themselves after what seems like an interminable period but is really just a month or so. Whatever you decide about blogging, just remember that this feeling will pass. I hope you do continue blogging though because I enjoy your site and I would miss you.

  5. i sometimes wonder how any of us can keep up with our blogging. life does seem to get in the way.<br><br>i just ordered my SimsOnline CDs. i was also perusing all the articles about it. i can’t wait. i’m already addicted to the damn game. now Eli is never going to see me 😉

  6. Oooh, Deborah! When you get into the game let me know so that you can visit my new place (and become a roomate if you want). It’s called the Lavender Lounge.<br><br>Hey, Jael – are you there yet?

  7. Hey greybird, unfortunately I totally missed the opportunity to get invited for testing. I never even really considered TSO, because I figured it would just be a gathering of a bunch of teens, but I realize that’s probably not the case.<br><br>Anyway, I need to find a job before I can make a commitment to TSO 🙂 I’ll be ringing your doorbell eventually though. Yay. How exciting! *dingdong*

  8. I have little blog crises of faith from time to time. I’ll let it lie around untended and then I get excited about it again. A blog is only as useful as it is to *you*, but I can tell you that following the little details of your life is meaningful to other people.

  9. Oh, just be quiet and blog.<br>You’re my favorite, and I am selfish, so sue me.<br>Take a break maybe, but quit, no.

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