Aaaghhh, Spoke Too Soon

The vet neglected to tell us that our little red puppy might not return to her normal color for a week. We learned that this morning after another night of worry that she was getting worse because the rash had gotten redder yesterday.

Sometime this afternoon I realized I still feel like shit. I also didn’t have any drugs with me. A co-worker and I have been troubleshooting a problem, for days it seems like, and it is giving me a massive headache.

In my non-existent spare time, I have been working on a pro-bono freelance project. This is payback to a designer friend who did some design and marketing work for my brother’s business, for free. (Notice that I, not my brother, am doing the payback. He’s owed me big time for a while now!)

Instead, what I really want to be doing is playing… The Sims Unleashed was released today! I called the store, they have it. I may need to go pick up a copy to have it ready and waiting for me when I finish my project work for the evening and am ready to chill.


  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re still not feeling much better. Maybe your new Sim pets can give you some comfort. Gute Besserung to both of you!

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