Useful German Phrases

Haben Sie einen gr�sseren Zerhacker f�r Miete?
Do you have a bigger vibrator for rent?

Dieses leiderhosen bilden meinen Kolbenblick breit?
Does this leiderhosen make my butt look wide?

Mein knackwurst l�uft aus.
My knackwurst is leaking.

Hey Heidi- �berhaupt getan ihm mit einer amerikanischen Millionairefrau?
Hey Heidi- ever done it with an American millionaire woman?

Erhalten Sie weg, ich sind homosexuell, Sie grosser nazi bastard.
Get away, I’m gay, you big nazi bastard.


  1. millionaire?!<br><br>and honestly, i can’t think of anyone who looks attractive in leiderhosen… it’s a nookie-killer.

  2. "Das ist nicht der Bahnhof. Das ist das Rathaus."<br><br>That is not the train station. That is the city hall. (Gee, I wondered why there weren’t any train tracks leading up to it!)<br><br>When I was in the Army in Augsburg, that’s one of the phrases they taught in the local language indoctrination program, which I got to skip because I’d taken German in high school and already knew enough to pass the test.<br><br>And Karen, it wouldn’t be "Ich sind," it would be "Ich bin." "Sind" is used with Sie: "Sie sind homosexuell."<br><br>Es tut mir leid… 🙂

  3. "And Karen, it wouldn’t be "Ich sind," it would be "Ich bin." "Sind" is used with Sie: "Sie sind homosexuell."<br><br>Sie sind, mein groß weiss ass.<br>I learned German from the Babblefish Academy, Alta Vista campus.<br>Expect a mess o’ slop shot German, Herr Barcodi.<br>Frau Heidi Zipdrive

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