So I get on the phone…

And I say, “I am the Grey Bird and my beak is fixin’ to peck you in the eye for selling me this piece of crap camera.”
“You didn’t think I noticed the “Taco Bell Summer Fun” cardboard casing the camera was housed in?”

Honestly, when I pay $14.99 for a digital camera, I expect it to work.

This is a test guest blog by Karen from Pulp Friction, potential winner of the 2nd place most blogs per hour Bloggy award, nominated by that weasel psych nurse over at “time for my anti psychotic meds.”


  1. hey… she still hasn’t sent me my "key" into her blog… wah.<br><br>I told grey bird I’d do a guest blog or two for her… 🙁

  2. I had my key first. And are you paying her $300 like you are me? Ooops, I said I wouldn’t mention the stipend. Sorry, my bad.

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