It Finally Happened

Yay! The house I owned for 12 years is sold. The closing was this afternoon.

No more double duty on yard work. No more extra repair bills. No more cleaning up after tenants. No more out-of-pocket for expenses that didn’t get covered because only one of the two units was rented. That’ll save me about $200 a month! I must say, it feels a little strange even though I haven’t lived there in three years… and since it was my first house, I’ll probably always be a little nostalgic about it.


  1. Go celebrate with lobster and champagne!<br>Congratulations on ridding yourself of that headache.<br>As a former landlady myself, I can feel your relief.

  2. Congrats! Here’s hoping I’ll be posting the same thing soon ::crossing fingers:: (thanks for swinging through the wrap yesterday! I missed ya 😉

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