Hump Day Blog Salad

Passed my test… yippee! Done with that stuff for a while. Now I’ve got to get moving on my projects list. Lots to do before my vacation. Anyone know how I can learn German in three weeks?

The house might close on Friday but I can’t seem to get my attorney to call me back to confirm this. The person who helps her with all the real estate transactions is on vacation this week. He did not have my permission to go.

I have cramps. I checked my calendar and determined that I will have cramps in the middle of my vacation. I just hate that… somebody give me a big knife.

The secretary of one of the bigwigs here sent a meeting request for the bigwig, my boss, myself and another bigwig. For Friday. I don’t work Fridays but am not going to remind them of that fact. Instead, I responded with “Unfortunately, I’m not available on Friday. Perhaps early next week would be an option? Also, what is the meeting topic?” I think I’d like to know what I’ll be walking into before I get there.

The director of our theater became upset when I pointed out to him there was a typo in the new season’s catalog. There are 10,000 of these things sitting downstairs in the mailroom, ready to go out. “Jeez, let me keep my job for a few more days, okay?” he’d said. He was worried that my office roomie had overheard me tell him about the typo. I thought he was joking but it turned out he wasn’t. I was puzzled that he would think that she could actually affect his position here because of a small mistake like that. Clearly, there is some bigger issue that I’m not aware of. The politics in this place are so weird.

If you’re bored, try this.


  1. Ya gotta love my boss, Motorhead, who responds to the meeting request with:<br><br>"During the dog days of August I take leave of the campus and retreat to my estate every Friday to spoil myself with beer, bikes and old cars. <br><br>April, by contract, does not toil on campus on Fridays so another day will have to be selected for us all to meet to discuss the matters at hand.<br><br>I await your call."

  2. i vote we all retreat to your boss’s estate to spoil ourselves with beer, dykes and old music. he won’t mind.<br><br>I await your call.

  3. Way to go on your test! Now the important question is, how can you apply what you learned to improving my blog? :]

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