Thanks to Teresa, I learned today that Electronic Arts is planning yet another expansion pack for The Sims. This one, called The Sims Unleashed, will allow your Sims to have pets! As Teresa points out, the sim lesbian households can finally be complete. Also added is the ability to garden (and sell your produce at the new farmer’s market), pet stores, new residential areas, five new career paths (fashion, culinary, educator, veterinarian, or “run away and join the circus”) and tons of other goodies.

I can’t wait to get my girls a parrot!


  1. Maybe you can get your Sims girls a little baby puppy who screams bloody murder even while she’s playing with a puppy toy.

  2. I have frequently thought that Sims need cats. I think dogs would drive them to a frazzle. But I am afraid. Because I am always allowing my fish to due and need to be restocked. If I got a dog, it would soon be parrot food.

  3. LOL at wKen…. that’s too funny!<br><br>So, this Sims thing… I keep almost buying it, and then not… is it really worth the $40 for the basic game?

  4. You know, I think it’s funny that one of the career paths is Computer Geek and they never use the computer (unless directed). Heh. Obviously not that accurate. 😛

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