Another Victim

The blogger borg have assimilated another. The Pax Nortona blog has shown up several times in my referrers list. Joel Sax is an interesting guy with thoughtful, intelligent commentary on a wide range of subjects. He’s also working on a book. Here’s an excerpt from an entry in which he describes his forays into online relationships.

To tell a secret, I like dykes. They make some of the best online friends that I have. They’re funny, often intelligent, and they aren’t trying to bed me. Part of the problem these days is that I have been taking Prozac for so many years that I just don’t feel the physical attraction any more. Plus I’m married. So lesbians make terrific friends when they aren’t of the kind who distrust every last man they meet. Those I avoid.

Joel, check out the DykeWrite ring if you haven’t already. Plenty of funny and intelligent lesbians there that don’t hate men. Hell, we even have a token male.


  1. Hmm. I’ve noticed that I have these weird, uh, biases that I was totally unaware of until I started this whole blogging business. That is, if I take a look at the people I read the most frequently: New Zealanders. Brits. Canadians. Recent female college graduates. Guys with Korean mothers. Lesbanese types. Oh, and Big Old Homos. Who woulda thunk it.

  2. Now, that was not to imply that Karen is funny but not intelligent. Nor, that Jill is intelligent but not funny. Don’t get me in trouble here.

  3. Alas, Francis. I don’t qualify under any of your categories! Still, you’re welcome to come over and spend a little time admiring my cat (who has a prominent spot on the page at moment). You might even like my writing.<br><br>Thanks for the plug Grey Bird! I’m slowly making my way around the circles. <br>

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