Wallet Lifting Exercises

I talked to my realtor late Friday morning and the new buyers have made an offer. Yay! My realtor automatically countered the offer, telling them their offer was far less than another I’d had. This was true, but the original buyers needed significant assistance and a second mortgage. It’s pretty much a dead deal anyway since they’ve completely flaked out. I’d have taken the first offer made today because this buyer is in a much better position financially and I’d walk away with actual cash in pocket. Good for my wallet! We’ll know their answer to the counter later this morning. It’s looking good, so continue to keep your fingers crossed.

In other news…

I had a fabulous trip to the dentist earlier this week. Not really. I learned I have a cracked tooth that needs to be capped and if that doesn’t work out, then I’ll have to have the dreaded root canal. Ugh. Of course, my current employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, so this will be painful to my wallet as well as my mouth.

I have been successfully avoiding studying for some certification exams I need to finish up. A year ago when I was laid off, I was fortunate to get money through a state program for a series of training courses. The cost of the courses was covered, as were vouchers for the exams. By the time I’d finished the courses last summer, I’d started a new job so I only ever took one of the exams. Now I have two exams left to take and the vouchers expire at the end of the month. I don’t have to actually take the exams by the end of the month, I just have to schedule them before the vouchers expire. Six weeks is the farthest into the future they can be scheduled from the time you sign up. I expect one of the exams to be relatively easy. The other will require much more work. I need to get busy because if I miss this opportunity or fail one then I’ll have to pay for the exam myself on subsequent tries. Not so good for the wallet.

You already know the puppy was sliced, diced and micro-chipped yesterday. My wallet didn’t like that either but that’s okay. We love the puppy.

You know, I could go on forever… but wallet talk is wearying and worrying, so I’ll stop now.


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