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How cool is this?

I am blogging from bed. Seriously. I got myself a wireless access point and attached it to my 4-port DSL router home network. Then I dragged out my old laptop and plugged a wireless card bus adapter into it. I managed to get both on eBay – brand new – for about $100 less total than the cheapest online price I could find. Now I can surf, chat, do email and blog from anywhere in the house. I’m also going to try the front yard soon.

In case you hadn’t noticed… I’m such a geek.

16 thoughts on “How cool is this?

  1. I realized this weekend that if I had a laptop, I would blog more, as I could take it into the hammock with me… can I have yours?

  2. ugh… more toys. just what i’d need. you’re such a tech-head geekoid!<br><br>but, as long as Mel doesn’t mind, i guess you can blog any damn where you want!

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