Bee stings suck.

On Friday, Mel’s hand was swollen to the size of a balloon. Okay, well not that big but definitely swollen quite a bit. She also didn’t feel well. CJ finally left in the early afternoon. Mel made lunch and then took a nap while I did some work. Later, after some amour, we went out for a nice dinner. We had stopped and bought the Harry Potter DVD, so watched that when we got home. Truthfully, I’d forgotten to give her a birthday spanking but considering the bee sting and not feeling well, I guess she was off the hook.

Saturday her hand was still swollen a lot. Taking Benadryl the previous evening had no effect on her at all, other than to put her to sleep. By this time we’d decided that the bragging about not being swollen had definitely contributed to the reaction she was having. Since she wasn’t able to close her hand or make a fist, she’d have been useless at work so she called off. We hung around most of the day. I did some work and a million loads of laundry. Mel took more Benadryl, cleaned a bit and puttered around.

Then we got ready for the dance. I’m talking about the women’s dance sponsored by a local african-american lesbian group that is held annually the evening before the gay pride parade. The dance was a big deal because this was the second time in our 3.5 year relationship that we would be out in public together at a lesbian function. (The first time was last fall at a performance by a lesbian theater group that a friend of ours is involved in.)

[more coming…]


  1. How can you have ‘amour’ when your partner has a big, swollen bug-stung hand?<br>GreyBird is a bird with huge nesting demands, methinks.<br>(atta girl!)

  2. I make _no_ demands. You don’t know my girl… she would do it if she were in a full body cast and half dead. A swollen hand is nothing.

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