Weary Wednesday in which I contemplate the blog-time suck-tinuum.

I don’t know how everyone does it. See all those links in my sidebar? After taking a break for a few days, it took me a entire day to catch up. Now granted, that was reading as much as a week’s worth of entries on some sites. I still haven’t gotten through all of the DykeWrite ring sites either, although I did manage an entry!

That leads me to the question: Read or write? I can read most of my links in a day, OR, I can write an entry. I have a hard time doing both. What I’m wondering is, how do some of you do it? A lot of the links lists on other sites are much longer than mine and I know those bloggers are both writing and reading because I read their entries and then see their comments every place I go. Some of you seem to have a lot of time on your hands.

Oh yeah, I recently found Blogtrack. It’s an online tool that lets you add all your links to a database. Then, it’ll scan all the links and tell you which sites have been updated since the last scan. It’s very cool because it saves me the time of visiting sites that haven’t been updated. But not enough time. Maybe I’m just too busy with other things.


  1. I know what you mean… Tonight I am reading, but don’t have anything compelling me to post…. But sometimes at work, when I am on the phone, I read. That saves me time later.

  2. You mean that you’re actually supposed to read the posts before you comment? Boy, that is much harder.

  3. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands; I just find ways to use the little time I do have for ‘Net-related purposes instead of like, you know, schoolwork and stuff. Eeep!<br><br>I just… blog when I have something to blog. I don’t try to sum up my day in one gigantic post. It’s kinda the same way I’ll write back to a short email right away but a long one will make me slack off, because there’s just SOOO much to write. <br><br>I read all at once, though.

  4. I just cut 120 links because it was getting ridiculous. I feel like an asshole though.

  5. lately i’ve had not too much to do at work, so i surf. it’s ‘research’. i learn things.<br><br>aside from that, well, i don’t watch tv, so i have three or four hours in the evening, plus whatever i squeeze in during the day, to read blogs. when i get tired, i lay down and read books. i read, read, read. but i don’t do a whole lot else, so that’s how i do it.

  6. I stick to specific times during the day for my reading. I always lunch at my desk, and use that time to catch up. Also, I post really quick things off the top of my head. I’ll seldom sit down and write something really long and meaningful.

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