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I logged on to check my work email. There was a message from our campus ministry secretary saying that Esther’s son Rick died yesterday in hospice. She never mentioned to me that he was sick.

14 thoughts on “Stunned

  1. I am like Esther in that I don’t really say anything when something difficult is happening until after the fact… after I’ve dealt with it.

  2. the timing seems like more than a coincidence… I wonder if there’s a message somewhere in there? Perhaps not, but still… interesting… and sad. My condolences….

  3. Reading that he was a good friend of yours at one time, this is really sad. But if he was very sick, it was probably a relief to him, not having to suffer anymore. It’s bad that you weren’t given the chance to say "Bye For Now" though… Try to remember the fun times you’ve had together.

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