Tonight is the first night of “puppy pre-school” where we actually bring the dogs. Last week at the end of orientation everyone said in turn what breed their puppy was: “chocolate lab, golden retriever, wheaton terrier, [some big ass dog], rhodesian ridgeback, [another big ass dog]” All eyes turn to me, and I squeak “miniature pinscher.” Everybody smiled. Hah. Little do they know, my little dog is gonna kick ass.

No, we haven’t given her an AKC name yet. Yes, that’s pathetic. I think it’s now between ‘Cajun Hoodoo Diva’ and ‘Black Forest Hexe.’ Discuss.

In other news, my brother and his gf arrived home from Florida on Monday morning. He’d just gotten in, used the bathroom and was going to start unloading when there was a knock at the door. It was a police officer serving him a summons. For a $500k lawsuit over an accident he’d had three years ago. Apparently, the other party involved has now decided they have ‘pain and suffering’ even though they were clearly not injured at the time. Anyway, it looks like the insurance company will take care of it. We hope.


  1. my partner had the same problem. she bumped a car at an off-ramp. the girl made noises about her back, but didn’t accept an ambulance. she dragged it on for two years trying to get money…in the end, the insurance gave some, but held out. it went in our favor. don’t worry too much 😉

  2. I go with Cajun Voodoo Diva, too. <br>It has that ‘don’t fuck with me’ sort of je nais se quoi.<br>How’d the summons server know when your brother was set to arrive?<br>Sounds fishy to me.

  3. Folks, it’s Hoodoo with an ‘H’ not Voodoo. My understanding is that distinction is that Voodoo is Creole and Hoodoo is Cajun, thus Hoodoo makes sense in this case.<br><br>My brother asked the server how long he’d been trying to deliver the summons. The guy told him he’d just gotten it that day. It sure does seem fishy, my brother was in Florida all winter and it arrives the day he returns? Sheer coincidence, I guess.

  4. Cajun Hoodoo Diva. absolutely.<br><br>and, aren’t there statutes of limitations on greedy litigious a$$holes? i mean, three years? sheesh.

  5. make sure that, if and when the insurance pays out, they insist that the person indemnify yer brother against future lawsuits.

  6. Cajun Hoodoo Diva! Yes! It it fabulous! Listen to the way it rrrrrrrrrrrolls off the tongue.<br><br>Or maybe I’ve just had TOO MUCH COFFEE.

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