A Birthday

Today is Mel’s birthday. She is 37, just one year younger than me. Since my birthday last month she’s been gloating that she is two years younger than me. Actually, the difference is only 13 months, but hey, numbers don’t lie. That’s okay because when I get home she’ll get her birthday spanking – 38 whacks (gotta have one for luck)!

I got her a few gifts: an IntelPlay QX3 Computer Microscope (a toy), a badminton set and some other things. I think we’ll be having an entertaining weekend.

*off to find the paddle*


  1. Hmmm… apparently you didn’t check the "some other things" link, Sal. ;-0<br><br>Of course, I’ll have to wait for her best-friend-and-ex, who is visiting from out of town, leaves.

  2. Can I get a tape of those spankings? *grin*<br><br>Happy Birthday Mel!<br>{I feel I should add an initial after that a la Spice Girls.}

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